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Pre Production


Need help with a concept or creative direction? Or you know your objective but need a producer to help put the pieces together? Need to storyboard or get a deck going? Let our team help you from the very beginning.

Locations and Crew Up

Ideas and concept in place. Our location manager and scouts will find the place you need and our producer will start hiring and holding production crew.

The Paper Chase

Let us finalize budgets and get signatures on the dotted line well before shoot day. Once signed, we’ll manage the awarded budget, insurance, permits, waivers, location agreements, talent contracts, etc. Letting your team focus on the creative vs. logistics.



Full Cast & Crew

We assemble the team leading with one of our directors and cinematographers best fit for your project (email us for a list of our roster). We then bring in the rest of the film crew and on screen talent.

Single Players

Looking for a director with a certain style? Need a cinematographer to help sculpt your image? Or you have a cast and crew in place but need some positions filled on set? Our team is here to help.


Our camera department thrives in the digital cinema realm using gear by ARRI, RED, Sony, Panasonic, ETC. We tend to bring our own setup with a full cast and crew package, but if you are already equipped and need something specific let us know. We either have it or can source it locally.

Post Production


Project is in the can and ready to be cut up. Our editors and post production supervisors start bringing the concept closer to a final product.

Color and Sound

Once we get picture lock (fancy way of saying edit is complete). we will color correct and grade the project to develop a style or mood (or match an existing). We do this using the same tools used in Hollywood (DaVinci Resolve). In unison our sound team will be addressing the audio and creating a final mixdown.


Once the project is completed we can export to any digital format. We can send direct links or get you a digital medium of your choice (thumb drive, hard drive, etc.)


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